What is Relighting Us?

Relighting.us is an invitation for you to revisit your past and find the good that you experienced.

logo-1We can do this by sharing stories, photos or other memories we have of the good things in our past. Bring them back and relight them – share them! Doing this will help you to see and further enjoy the good that happened to you.

Relighting.us is meant to provide a venue for a therapeutic approach to overcoming the heartache of a loss. Specifically, a spouse, or a close person. It centers on the therapeutic use of restoring, in story form, fulfillment that took place in the past. And you are invited to submit your stories – they are your “relighting”.



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Here are the latest Relighting.us Stories that have been submitted. Read and relight!

A Conversation with Jean

A Conversation with Jean December 29, 2017 “Hi, me again. Should have gotten back sooner, but you know me. The great procrastinator. But you know what: I’ve been seeing ...
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Trifold Poems

By Estelle O'Connell Seeking You My eyes scan crowds for a glimpse of you, I sniff the air for familiar cologne. My ears strain for the sound of your ...
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Ever Onward

By Estelle O'Connell Stand straight and tall, head held high, focus beyond your distress. Ask God to help you find the strength and bless your efforts with success. Though ...
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Je t’aime

By Estelle O'Connell Je t’aime – a murmur at dawn’s first light Je t’aime – a whisper when we kissed goodnight. Je t’aime, I Love You, Je t’aime I’d ...
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A Conversation with Jean – November 1, 2017

“Hey, wait a minute, where’ve you been?” “No real excuses, but I have been very busy. And, today was such a milestone that I just had to sit down ...
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As often happens, what is originally planned, changes. Usually, because of an unplanned intervention. So, guess what? It happened in this trip story series. The journey Steve and I ...
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I chose to title this story Anglesqueville because, while no longer the name for the town of Val de Saane in Normandy, France, it was so named when A ...
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To some extent this story is an extension of the first story in this Trip series. It, like the Siegburg story, is about another bridge being rebuilt and that ...
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Here’s another story where one door closes, Another opens. Siegburg, was such a place. The name Siegburg translates as “Victory Castle.” Our 2017 journey to Siegburg was a witness’s ...
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One door closes, Another opens. Mettmann was such a place. The door had closed for the over 300,000 German troops in the Ruhr Pocket. It closed on April 17, ...
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Growing up in the 1930’s, I had a tremendous fascination for futuristic devices and stories. Foremost in my memories are “Buck Rogers” comics, and pulp magazines like “Amazing Stories.” ...
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Opladen Connections – Part 1

Why Opladen? As explained in the Long Meadow story I used the name as an umbrella term for most of my Ruhr Pocket campaign experiences. So, let me start ...
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Opladen Connections – Long Meadow

A Company’s role in the Ruhr Pocket, in my view, was a different scene from that in and around Berg. The first element that comes to mind is color ...
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Patton – Transport 3

We, in A Company said goodbye to our halftracks we left behind in Berg, and pretty much retraced our journey back to Le Havre, France where we had landed ...
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Berg – Transport 2

We crossed over the Inn for the last time on June 25, 1945. Vacation time was over. The next day we were scheduled to head back to the United ...
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