13th Armored Division

United in honoring those who put their lives on the line.


As President of the 13th Armored Division Association I would like to offer and suggest the website “Relighting Us” to all veterans.

“Relighting Us” is all about memories. Its design is intended as a place for thoughtful and deep rooted family stories to be placed in a form for all to see and be refreshed. The emphasis is on the word family. We are family…

WWII was a period where many were called to protect and defend their precious families. It was truly a “do or die” situation for us as a nation of families. It was truly a “do or die” situation for us as a nation of families.



As often happens, what is originally planned, changes. Usually, because of an unplanned intervention. So, guess what? It happened in ...
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I chose to title this story Anglesqueville because, while no longer the name for the town of Val de Saane ...
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To some extent this story is an extension of the first story in this Trip series. It, like the Siegburg ...
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Here’s another story where one door closes, Another opens. Siegburg, was such a place. The name Siegburg translates as “Victory ...
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One door closes, Another opens. Mettmann was such a place. The door had closed for the over 300,000 German troops ...
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Growing up in the 1930’s, I had a tremendous fascination for futuristic devices and stories. Foremost in my memories are ...
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Opladen Connections – Part 1

Why Opladen? As explained in the Long Meadow story I used the name as an umbrella term for most of ...
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Opladen Connections – Long Meadow

A Company’s role in the Ruhr Pocket, in my view, was a different scene from that in and around Berg ...
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Patton – Transport 3

We, in A Company said goodbye to our halftracks we left behind in Berg, and pretty much retraced our journey ...
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Berg – Transport 2

We crossed over the Inn for the last time on June 25, 1945. Vacation time was over. The next day ...
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black-cat-patchThe 13th Armored Division Association (The Black Cats) Reunion has been held annually since 1989. In September 2015, the 14th Annual Reunion took place in Washington D.C. The 2016 reunion was held in New Orleans.

Honor is expressed by attending these reunions and honoring those who have sacrificed – some with their lives, some with injuries and the rest by doing all they could. All involved sacrifice.

Participating in these reunions is a story. A story of our regard for each other – we are like a family. It takes effort to put our stories together and to share them. The benefit of doing this is that it is a way to show our honor for all to see.

Please send us your stories, photos or memories from your Black Cat experiences for posting on Relighting.us! Or send us your info to bobwhelan55@gmail.com.

Here are some examples:

Bob Whelan’s Witness to War Interview – conducted on September 12, 2014 by the Witness to War Foundation.

Action at the Bridge at Inn River – by Jack Campey E5. Half Track Driver, Battalion 16, Company C of the 13th Armored was invited by one of his grandsons to come to Powell to tell his story which was videotaped.

Berchtesgaden – memoir story written for my children as a record of my WWII experiences that took place in May 1945.

Battle Jacket – a heartfelt story of what happened after one of our reunions

2015 Black Cat Reunion Update – a few words about the 2015 event

2016 Black Cat Reunion – held in New Orleans

Braunau – Story about a risky mission in WWII

Here are some photos from the 2013 Black Cat Reunion:

At Texas State Capital, September 2013.
Remembering – photo of Bob and Candy Mendoza in Germany 1945.
Ken Odgers at 2013 Reunion. (Related to the story “The Battle Jacket”)
Bus ride at Fort Hood, September 2013.
War Stories
Telling stories of tanks going up a hill at 2013 Reunion.

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