A Conversation with Jean

A Conversation with Jean

December 29, 2017

“Hi, me again.

Should have gotten back sooner, but you know me. The great procrastinator. But you know what: I’ve been seeing a lot of you in my dreams lately, so I have a pretty good hunch you already know what’s been going on here. But, let me give you my perspective anyway.”

“OK big guy, but, make it right, and don’t think I’m going to let you off the hook. So, get on with it, already.”

“Yeah, mea culpa, and please accept my apologies. I, as usual, will try to do better, but here is a brief synopsis from my angle, and then some plans I want to run by you.

Since I left the band my focus is ever so much involved with all the benefits I have incurred in writing. It has become my driving force and brings me ever so much closer to the world of spirit. You know, where you are. I kind of like it there. So much so that I want to spend the time I have left here getting the ball rolling with Relighting Us.

I see it as a connector. And, I see it as a joint enterprise, as was the Antique Jewelry business until your last days. This way I keep on going with you, and since I have adopted many aspects of your spirit, you still have a voice on this earth. Relighting Us is all about voices and some parts of yours are still being heard through me.

Some people might call these voices connections. I am trying to encourage people to become better connected, as were we in your latter days with me. That kind of connection is what makes life satisfying. That’s why I keep ours alive through these conversations.

It has been slow going. Probably because it is such a tall order, and I am so unable to put together the right combination of people and events that will get it off the ground. I am pleased, however, with those with whom I now associate. Most of them are doing the same as what I see needing to happen, and show it in their ways and stories. It will happen.

Note I said stories. Their stories are their ways and they come through to me loud and clear, especially like ours did in the last 30 years or so. Everyone has a voice. They are all different, but understandable at the same time. The understanding comes about through their stories. The characters and scenes are different, but the basic plots are all the same.

Successes, failures, critical moments, on and on. Sort of like the prodigal son story, or other biblical basics. Journeys and trips, wars and intervals of peace. So basic, so human, so real, yet each dressed differently. I see them as metaphor.

What I am trying to do is to teach the language of metaphor. Teach it in a participatory way. A way that provides everybody a platform upon which to see who they really are. A way that encourages people to find themselves and in so doing find ways to fix in themselves what has been broken, and reinforce what has been built. To express that process in ways we have been gifted. A process that can employ ordinary words or images i.e., stories.

So, I am dedicating what time I have left to Relighting Us. It seems to be working for me as I now sense progress, albeit slow, on the fronts that are most important to me. And, of course I mean our joint enterprise – our family. I now consider Steve McAlpin as a new member. You know what! He, makes canes for Veterans. They are supportive, just like you were. More about that at a later time. You already know he is a Veteran and has encountered trauma, just like I did in doing his duty to his country. I know the place he has been, he knows mine. That is a big connection. Big like ours.

Connection is the aim of relighting Us. As it is our family. Everyone, except Kathy and Theresa were here for Christmas. Theresa, being a new Kennedy family member, her duty called her to be with them at Christmas.

I am so gratified with the progress our family is making. Good spirits and good health seem to abide, and it pleases me deeply.

Steve and I are planning a Florida trip in February. More about that next time. Until then, I’ll say so long. Talk to you later.”

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