How did Relighting Us come about?

The development of this website happened as a result of several things that helped me in regaining my balance after the loss of my partner. I needed to regain the support that I realized was so essential.

I knew that I needed to be with supportive people. I felt a deep need to revisit those places where our joy was manifest. Walks on the Canal. Gatherings with family and close friends. Places with special memories. On and on. I felt need to recapture and restore it all in some form.

I liken the process to relighting a darkened light.  To be with a close person or persons and revisit places and events and redo what my partner and I did at an earlier time. Then after sharing that experience with the immediate person(s) write it up and share it with others. To light the new memory and bring it back as physical reality in the world of now.


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