Brothers Reunited

Horst Przybilski          Ike Refrice
World War II – Europe          World War II – Europe
Wehrmacht            U.S. Army

This picture contains a story summarized from narrative accompanying this photograph by Andrew Wakeford. It describes the friendship bond of two former enemies. A bond that exemplifies the overall theme contained in many Veteran stories that have been written and assembled. A friendship based on gratitude for the humanity and sacrifice of Veterans. In above example, a rescue of one former enemy by another, and the resultant forgiveness and restoration of brotherhood.

The latter elements being the messages contained in many of the voices of Veterans who have been through the fire and understand its pain and sacrifice. Voices that can be found in many places.

Precious memories that must be both preserved and observed. Memories that serve as guides to peace and freedom. Guides for which a great price has been paid. Too great to be wasted. They are rescues that must be acknowledged and acted upon.

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