A Conversation with Jean – August 24, 2017

“What! Back so quick! What’s going on?

“Yeah, Hard to explain, but I had a dream last night, and it pretty much got at where I’m going with all this storytelling I’ve been talking about.

In it all these stories I’m getting together for you a theme seemed to materialize that they were some sort of a series of metaphoric healing events. It, when I think back on it, made me stop and say: ‘you, know, that meeting with Andrew at Luneville was a game changer.’ I could see so many symbolic signs in those stories of the struggles we all have with what we did wrong; who we really are; what do we need to do to make things right; who are our real enemies, and so on, that I had to call you right away and let you know why I am sending some of them right now.

I need to get them to you so you can spread them around to those in your place. At the same time, people who read our conversations here can follow. Further, I could see where putting them in short chapters might make it easier to keep up, and maybe look forward to what’s coming.

There will be more, and a lot more, and people might be more appreciative if I did them in small connected stories, rather than a book. When they are all written, they can become a book, but, who knows how long that will take. Meanwhile, let the excitement begin.
So, anyway, that’s the way I’m doing it, and I have attached my stories. They start with one I titled: ‘Europe 1945 – 2017.’ It refers to you as my partner in the beginning and goes on in a story mode from there.
Check them out – more to come!”

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