A Conversation with Jean – May 14, 2017

“Wow, Mother’s Day – time sure flies. I owe big time. Been over 2 months – sorry for the delay.

Here’s what’s going on. Got the trip to Europe pretty much lined up. Steve and I decided to start out in Yugoslavia. He has lots of memories there, including people he connected with during the Kosovo war there. He also wanted to visit Dubrovnik and Mostar, and in the process, stop at Medjugorje. I told him of my miracle there. In fact, I have written several anecdotal stories and memoirs about our three visits. You know all about my miracle there – you were there when it happened.

From there we are going to Germany to retrace my 13th Armored Division route from Freminil, France to Neu-Otting Bavaria. We are flying to Dubrovnik via Lufthansa through Munich. For our European segment, we are going by train on a Rail Pass. It will get us all the way to Dublin for one combined discounted fare. Once in Dublin, we will join the Dady Brothers summer Irish tour – part of which will include Northern Ireland around Belfast where the Butler’s came from. I’ll try to find out more about your family when I get there.

I will fly home from Shannon on July 25th. Steve is going back to Europe and will catch a ride from one of his military connections. All in all, almost the whole month of July. Steve and I plan on presenting a report to my 13th Armored Division family when we hold our reunion at West Point this fall. What a bunch of stories we will have.

Now to fill you in on everyday stuff. Colleen Knauf invited me to dinner in early March. She and Jim have a delightful town house way out near the high school. It is an end unit and is in an extremely scenic wooded location. Very similar to our plot at Whitehaven. Which, by the way, I was able to visit several times this fairly mild winter, at least up to early March.
Second Saturdays each month I go back to our old stamping grounds – specifically the Braddock Bay Inn. The reason being that the Dady Brothers perform there and all my friends from my Irish tour last year show up. We have a great time with a lot of singing and laughter. You would love the people.

Steve and I have been going faithfully every Thursday night to a Finding Christ program being held at the St. Bernard’s the Diocesan Priest Training Center – on French Road a short distance from your friend Ellie Palmer’s house. I even signed up – you won’t believe this – as a trainee program leader. Hey, what the hell am I doing? I’m going to be 92 on the 30th. Oh well, I feel good and it’ll keep me off the streets.

Steve and Phil and I took in a couple plays – one at Geva and another Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. Rochester is such a great town for the arts. Sort of a miniature New York without all the noise and high prices. I love it here.

Annie is so much better. Helping with Corky has been a very good situation for her and she has responded so well.

Margaret passed away on the 17th of April. She was buried next to her Joe on the 21st. Happily, she didn’t linger too long. She was a great lady. You probably are with her now.

On the 26th of April I invited a number of great people, including Patty to lunch here. My purpose was to encourage them to put to use our Relighting Us and Seniors Ink websites. I am going all out to try to encourage people to discover themselves through writing. I have learned that it has made me so much less anxious and I want to find ways for others to make that same discovery. You’d be surprised at how much I am encouraged by Patty’s and my efforts. Of course, it’s all your fault. When you left me a lot of lights started going on. They still are, and I have every reason the believe that headway is being made in all those efforts.

I will keep you posted on progress as the various stages of development take place. Getting people to discover themselves, as well as, discover Christ ain’t easy. But as much time as God has left for me, I’m going to give it the “Old College Try.”

I thought I would attach the recent memoir I mentioned earlier that I wrote for my Memoir Class at Osher. It deals with the miracle that occurred at Medjugorje. I sent a copy to Colleen Knauf. She wanted to hear the whole story, so I wrote it up. It’s called 3M.

You were the instigator and I was the beneficiary. How cool is that?

More after Theresa’s wedding on the 27th. I know you’ll want all the details.”

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