Lost and Found

I lost a hat

It fit upon my head

It was my face

I found a heart

It was under my shirt

It became my face

It took 72 years to find it.

This lost and found story is the essence of a series of stories of re-visitation to places where the heart is shaped. Stories that resonates how one looks at life after he has a chance to put his mind to where his heart is located. A mind of memories. Memories of horror and good times. Of sacrifice and brotherhood. Of duty and peace. Of experience and divine justice. Of human beings who were there. Who witnessed how the heart is the source of everything we are. How sight can be better balanced if seen through two lenses.

These stories are ongoing. Each is built upon the ones previous. It is a task we each have been given to accomplish the growth and health of our hearts. Hearts we have been gifted by God, and to whom we owe our eternal gratitude. It is a small thank you for their revelations.

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