My Relighting

What follows are some small stories that reinforce the overall design and purpose of Relighting Us. They come from my personal experiences. The essential elements of Relighting Us, are all right here.

Basically, Relighting Us is an exercise in physically going back to places where the best shared memories of you and your partner were formed. This time taking a person of closeness to both you and your departed, and revisiting  again, those experiences that shine in your memory. The best of the best. This time the sharing happens with a different, but close, partner.

This person, a close relative or friend, is a part of the experience – a participant who will also gain from the experience. In essence you are both reliving and sharing the same experience. As close to the original as you can make it.

When you have accomplished that step, you then give this revisiting physical form by writing it. How you do that is not as important as the actual deed. It doesn’t have to be long or fancy, but it needs to be in physical form. A written description. In a form that is sharable.

The last part is sharing this physical form of a revisited memory with others who have suffered losses. They will understand completely what you are communicating, because they are, in their own way, in your shoes. They, in that role, become your supporters, and you theirs, when you read accounts of their best memories. It’s a sharing deal all the way. That is where the “Us” comes in.

Relighting Us, in essence, relights your happiness’s for all to see, to share, and in the process be relighted themselves. It’s a win-win deal.

My Stories to Explain the Steps For My Relighting:

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 Other Assists You Can Use

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