Our Purpose: To Share Memories

A Nutshell View of the Website – writing to share memoirs

  • To relight elements of joy caused by the loss of a dear one
  • To participate in that process
  • To, like Thomas Edison, turn an idea into a light
  • To accomplish it, like Edison, from thought to physical form
  • To revisit joyful memories with someone who was there
  • To physically transfer those events from the past to the present
  • To do that by writing them up
  • To in that writing, express your relighted joy
  • To enjoy that precious relighting
  • To share your joy and expand your healing

This is a synopsis of the purpose of the website. There are supplemental stories that fill out the points shown above. They are found under separate headings shown below. But the basic intention of the site is to help those who have lost a loved one to be able to relight joyful memories in ways that will help in their healing process. The basic application of the site is to go back, and revisit joyful events. Take someone along who was a part of that event, and relive to the best of your ability what took place at an earlier time. Then write about it, share it with whoever was there, and on the site as well. The very act of writing transfers a thought in the mind into a physical form. It, in that sense, is relighted. A memory thus, takes on a physical presence. It has been relighted. It has been brought into the world for all to enjoy. Joy is where we all want to go.

There are some stories on this site that dig a little deeper into the elements as shown above. They are intended to supplement understanding the various aspects of the site. The first is a story that gets at one important aspect, some personal background factors that led me to develop the website. The second is a story that deals with the nature of the website. All of these stories are framed in metaphoric context to illustrate how it applies.

  1. The Real Joke Book – a 3-part series of humorous stories. I have a deep belief that humor is a Gift of God’s Mercy. In many ways it is my life story, and underlines my belief in the process of joining with others with similar losses to relight the high points of our lives.
  2. You Can’t Go Home Again – a short story that gets at the real life elements that support the purpose of the site. It deals with circuit theory and how it applies to relighting your life.
  3. Sharing Wisdom – a short essay on the relighting process.
  4. Recreating Memories – A mode of expression for inclusion on the website.

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