Finding Support

What do you mean support?

Who is your best supporter?
The person inside of you.

How do you get to know that person?
By living. Deep down, you know who you are.

That all sounds so simple. Well it is. And simple is where we learn. All learning begins with simple elements. The problem is, we soon get overwhelmed with the details, and can’t sort out the useful (good) from the useless (bad). We deal with this by having and engaging other supporters.

Supporters are those who love you. They are your connectors. You know them. Their deeds tell you who they are. Their respect, help, and forgiveness stand out. Those who show you who they really are. They are those of your real family.

So what’s so important about supporters? Why do I need them?
Nobody, but nobody, goes it alone. We all depend on others (even Scrooge had Marley).We wouldn’t be here without our mother having borne us, and our father providing our seed, as well as, for her protection. Support is a prime key to life.

Supporters, like wires, are connectors. When you wire a light, you connect a source of power to the light, coming and going. The light then shines. The source of power is you. You must send your energy through the wire to the light through the circuit*. The transmission of that energy is all up to you. The wires your energy passes through are your supporters. You need both an energy source and wires to relight the lost light – you and your partner(s). It is a simple circuit, but it requires action to get the job done.

Flip the switch…

How to Start:

  1. Create Writing Time – The French Meal
  2. You Are a Story
  3. Revisiting Memories – Conversations With Jean
  4. Keep It Simple
  5. Submit Your Story to Share

Finding Inspiration

Here is the story of how I began my own Relighting. You may find it helpful for your own!


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