Keep It Simple

Some Words About Words

Words are like the power in a kiss. In fact words are power, and kiss is how to use them. Allow me to metaphorically define what that means.

First, writing a story, keep the euphemism KISS in mind. Here`s what KISS stands for:

• Keep
• It
• Simple
• Short

Second, the power that goes to the lights we are relighting originates in our memories. The memories are already in us.

Use them wisely. Everyone can write. Just choose your destination, and then describe how you got there – KISS.

Read the words of others who write about their relighting.

Absorb them.

Write your story.

Benefit from all of it.

We all can learn from, and console each other, all at the same time.

We can use our hands not only to write, but to hold jointly.

That is what us is all about.

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