One Story at a Time

Your house had been gifted with brilliant lights. In their prime, those lights revealed activity and enjoyment in every room. Their power was generated by the actions and presence of a very close and dear partner. They had many bulbs, rays, and beams, and they brightened every corner of your house. As sometimes happens, and for a variety of reasons, the generator of that power became prematurely inoperable. The series of joyful lights go out.

Relighting Us can help in bringing back some of that precious light. Relighting Us uses a different kind of circuit. It is what is commonly known as a parallel circuit. Its wiring will provide the means to relight individual lights, one bulb at a time. Not fully restore all of them, and their original brilliance, but provide enough light to see joy again. It has the power to bring back precious light. Light that can be shared, accumulated, and enjoyed, again and again

Of course we are talking metaphor here, but in actuality using a proven electrical phenomenon, and most applicable to the restoration of our lost light. As stated in the Lamplighter story:

We need two wires in our new circuit. One that goes into the light from the power source, and one that goes back to it. The power source that goes into our light originates in our memories. The power that returns is in our joy. The light that results is shared by all.

Your story need not be long or complicated. Just short and sweet. It is the number of stories (your and those of others) that, when accumulated and shared, relight good. The good is found in the process itself. Going back and sharing good things relights that lost good. Good is what we need. Good makes us better. It makes us happier. It restores joy. We need to grow its light. That restoration is already under way in Relighting Us – read about others – add your story and join in the relighting.

We will all benefit…

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