The Power of Relighting

Words Have Power

Bob Fitzgerald’s letter concerning the “Bob, Bob, Bobbin Along” story ended with some thoughts that are essential elements in going about a relighting process. Not only in his, but in all of ours. Bob said:

“I like to think that our life on this earth consists of a number of chapters. Sometimes a new chapter is opened as a result of a triumph – graduating from college, for example. Other times a new chapter must be opened as a result of a misfortune – loss of a job, or the death of a loved one.

With that in mind, I’d like to add one more tenant to the four you suggested. Don’t try and compare a new chapter to an old one – just enjoy the new one for all its worth!”

Enjoyment is a fundamental power. Enjoyment for all its worth, is a worthy life goal. Furthermore, an achievable goal, when one puts all their energy into it. In Bob’s case he did and found a new life.

Those of us who were not blessed with the same relighting that Bob experienced, can still profit from his advice concerning the new chapter we find ourselves in. We all have the same power within us. Ironically, Bob`s power is located in the same geographical place that a tremendous source of lighting power exists. It has existed there for the ages.

It was only within the last several decades that it was harnessed and turned into light. Obviously, I am referring to Niagara Falls, a source of tremendous electric power that can light up a significant part of the world. Ironically, Niagara Falls is also, where Bob relighted his life. In both cases, the result is obtained in enjoyment and power. Not only that, but people (including honeymooners) come from all over the world to enjoy the thrill of the grandeur of the falls. And, to boot, everyone enjoys the tremendous volume of light that its flowing water generates.

So what are we really talking about here? We are talking about power. Real power. A power we all have at our command. When we add a prefix and a suffix it can relight your life. Simple as that…

In Relighting we have three elements of a most powerful word. The prefix, the central word, and the suffix. The prefix is a re: and the suffix is: ing. The lighting will occur as the result of our effort, The re: is the going back to where the joy occurred. The ing: is the action we take. The us is the us in Relighting Us.

Relighting us is power in every sense of the word. We have it within us. We only need to use it and the relighting will happen. But, like all power it has to be used. We can find our energy in the gift of time we have been given, but, it needs a force to energize it. Mostly the force of a push. Your push. Now…

It won’t happen until you push…

In life there are always two dimensions of the same story.

The knowing – we have lots of people who know their stories well.

The living – not so many.

Live the relighting story. Revisit your joyful memories. If possible, take a close person with you. Write them up. Share them. Enjoy them again in their renewed light.

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