Trifold Poems

By Estelle O’Connell

Seeking You

My eyes scan crowds for a glimpse of you,
I sniff the air for familiar cologne.
My ears strain for the sound of your voice,
As I go through my days alone.

My arms ache to embrace you,
My fingers, to touch your face.
My legs long to run to your side,
My feet, to follow your pace.

I yearn for our limbs to entangle
For whispers of passion ne’er forgot,
Sensual pleasures, the ardor of love;
Desire is there, but you are not.

Memories flood my senses
Of times before we were apart;
But the only place I find you now
Is deep within my heart.

Missing You

Hallmark holidays are difficult;
We enjoyed them together so many years.
Times that once brought happiness
Are now the cause of tears.
We speak of you at special celebrations
As we cut the cake or carve the roast;
But it’s in the ordinary everyday things
That I miss you most.
I know you’d want me to be happy
And believe me I am trying;
But beneath the smile mask on my face
My broken heart is crying.

Mourning Prayer

As the sun peeks over the horizon
And birds break the silence of night
I wait to hear you to say “good morning”
And for your face to come into sight.

Still half asleep I realize
That you’re no longer here,
So I gaze at your picture near my pillow
And wipe away my tears.

Your place at the table is empty,
The paper still folded, unread.
Tender endearments unspoken,
My hunger for affection unfed.

Activities fill my calendar:
Places to go and people to phone.
Things we once did together
I now must do alone.

Please walk with me in spirit
Every step along the way;
With your love to guide me
I’ll make it through the day.

Finding You

I see your eyes in blue cloudless skies,
Your smile in the rays of the sun;
Your spirit of hope and endurance,
In the dawn of a new day begun.

The chirping of birds in the morning
Is music to my ears;
And I think of listening together
As we heard them through the years.

Your strength and perseverance
I see in tall sturdy trees.
I feel your gentle caresses
In each warm summer breeze.

The fluttering wings of a butterfly
Brush my skin and bring me bliss
As they help me remember
Your soft and loving kiss.

Winds and rain remind me
Of the challenges we faced,
Weathered and survived
With God’s unending grace.

Your peace and satisfaction
At a day’s work well done
Are evident each evening
In the glow of the setting sun.

Wait for me at the end of the rainbow.
‘Til I am summoned to heaven above;
Then we’ll go hand in hand forever
Sharing our eternal love.

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