You Are In Control

Relighting occurs if and when we decide to make it happen. It takes both a mindset and a series of actions for it to happen. But, happen it will when the decision is made and the actions are taken. It is entirely and completely up to you…

Everyone has a different set of most everything in their being. Some characteristics are very close to those of others, some far apart, but all capable of being under their control.

Chief among all characteristics is faith. Mark 11:20, reads as follows: “Truly I say to you, if you have faith, and do not doubt, you shall not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it shall happen.”

Power and choice are intimately related. You have to choose to use your power of faith. Especially, it’s healing power. I chose to act on this faith in a deep belief that we are all connected in God, and that this connection exists in two separate forms. Earthly and spiritual.

The earthly is temporary and limited. The spiritual is permanent and eternal. We understand and expect the earthly to terminate, as painful as that expectation might be. I believe the spiritual never terminates. It is from this belief that I act in my quest to experience the eternal spiritual connections. To my mind they are with me at all times. My quest deals with finding and experiencing their expressions. I understand connections can no longer be expressed in the flesh when a loved one has departed, but I do believe that spiritual expression is a constant, and exists in an everlasting and surrounding state.

How to find it? How to make the connections?

First off, before you do anything, you need to find yourself. Your real self. Your brutally true self, warts and all… There is no shame in imperfections. The shame is in their denial. Once you can find your real spirit, the door opens as to what spiritual expression is all about.

A deep look inward is the place to start. Go back into your memories and write down everything that happened. See where your mistakes were made. Where your lessons learned originated. How your problems were solved. Who your supporters were. Who your detractors and deceivers were. See the real you come forth from those memories.

In my case, in doing that search, I soon came to realize that people, places, and things in my life were my influences and connections to who I became. I didn`t do anything by myself. I always had a supporter or a detractor. I always had a good place and a bad place. Good things and bad things.

My best supporter was my wife, but I had others. Lots of them, none so dedicated and caring as my wife, but to some extent, they had some of the same elements. Good places and things as well. But, the supporters were the most important and valuable.

It is my belief that spirit is composed of memories. Spiritual connections have already been made in our earthly existence, and accumulated over time. We all have them. Good, bad, and all shades in between. Therefore, it is my belief that one`s memories are a significant part of their being. An important dimension of that thought is that, that person, any person, can take charge of who, he or she is, and can take actions to improve their own state of being. Especially, when they are still cogent and able.

It is a power. A huge power. A power of perception. Some people have phrased it as: “What you see is what you get.” Recognition of this power allows us to do what we need to make ourselves better. Your parents gave you a name when you were born. That was their name for you. Well and good, and that is part of our inheritance, but you need to consider another name for yourself that describes the unique, you.

You are still obliged to go about the world in your given name, but no one can stop you from seeing yourself in what you can determine is your real name. You can keep it internally as your secret name, or you can share it, it`s up to you. But in defining it you can get close to understanding who you really are. It could be related to your life`s vocation, your abilities, your preferences, on and on, but one that encapsulates your vision of your place in the world. (I happen to enjoy playing the Tuba in the New Horizons Band – I sometimes call myself “Tuba Bob.”

I have developed another name, and it is as a result of helping to develop this website – “Lamplighter.” I actually see myself in two names).

Native Americans were adept at developing what one might call “action names.” Names descriptive of some outstanding identity characteristic of that person. You get the idea…

Knowing one`s real name, paves the way for a different look at what is real.
An ancient sage was once asked: “What is real.” His answer was: “That which never changes.” Memories, metaphors, parables, jokes, are all things that never chance. Wealth gets spent, houses deteriorate, bodies expire, on and on. Memories never change.

My memories are me and in my spirit. Further, I believe that I will take them with me when my body expires. I, in all probability, will be called upon to lay them out for all to see. I am their end product, and I must take responsibility for them and their quality. However, I am still here and, happily I still have the time to make more and make them better.

Relighting Us provides for this. Better yet, it provides for sharing your relighting with a supporter. A mutually rewarding benefit. A win-win deal…

You are in control. Relighting Us is your pathway. Let`s get started…

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